What is Lead Conversion Squared?

Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) is going to launch a free workshop on September 28, 2020. This workshop will run three days and with learning to assist you to learn more about the program, it is often accustomed to facilitate your generate new leads, a way to stay involved along with your leads and nurture the link, and the way to convert more ends up in serious financial gains for your business.

So many online, marketers want to boost the profitability of their online business. The problem most businesses face is the ways to implement the required changes to assist them to see these improvements. Lead Conversion Squared is designed to assists you add new ends up in your marketing list monthly and convert those leads into buying customers. Unlike other programs and services that specialize in helping you exchange visitors to your website, Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) clients receive a virtual assistant who is trained in generating new leads. Each month, your virtual assistant is going to be able to facilitate your generate up to 1,000 additional leads.

One thing that settles LCS2 except for other lead generation programs is that the effective training you’ll receive once you join up. They need to develop a program that’s designed to assist you generate new leads monthly, and you’ll receive free access to the present program through your membership. This program teaches you the effective steps which you required to increase the number of leads.LCS Squared knows how essential building relationships together with your leads is for securing future orders and business.

Creator behind Lead Conversion Squared:

Lead Conversion Squared was created by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels

Chad Nicely: Chad nicely is that the co-founder of LCS Squared. Chad was born and raised in California. Chad finished his high school while beginning his college career. Chad initially pursued a career in enforcement and was even on the safety detail of famous individuals. He began working in an oilfield to create more cash than he was able to through enforcement and recently, Chad created the lead Conversion System, a component of the Ever suite Series. After this business venture, Chad linked up with Daven Michaels to make LCS Squared.

Daven Michaels: Daven Michaels, the founder of 123 Companies, he is doing business since the age of 15, He created three business that is still going strong even now, Michaels has also started two more additional businesses, Mastery Retreats and Beyond Results Mastery. Michaels has played an important role in making LCS Squared a reality for business owners.

How Lead Conversion Squared works?

Lead conversion squared was developed for business owners and online marketers in mind. Its various tools and features are designed to assist individuals significantly increase their conversion rates for his or her website, thus increasing their profits and future success. When a brand new lead visits your website and signs up to receive information or join your email newsletter list, they’re going to automatically be added to your system and can receive an email from LCS Squared.

After you found your account, you’ll decide which emails you wish to send to which contacts and leads, and LCS2 will make sure of sending them out for you. You won’t need to do anything extra when new leads join your list.LCS2 has developed a particularly powerful and effective tagging system.

When new leads enter your sales pipeline, they’ll be grouped supported their actions on your website, attributes and the groupings will allow you to use LCS Squared to transmit personalized and customize messages to every of your contact groups. Sending more relevant and personalized information will increase the probabilities that potential customers will make a connection to something in an email you send, making it more likely that they’re going to visit your website to create a buying deal or join up for your services.

One of the key features included with LCS2 is the automated lead follow-up system. This method is intended to simplify the method of following up along with your leads. Whether you’ve got an oversized or small team of sales agents, you may also find the sales pipeline invaluable in assessing their performance. It facilitates your view information about their sales quotas and might facilitate your assessment if they’re on-track to satisfy weekly, monthly, or yearly expectations.

Based on keywords and also the actions of your leads, the text messaging system can automatically send information and responses to your leads. This can not only save you time, but it can help confirm your customers are receiving timely information and getting their needs met. This could keep them satisfied and increase the probability that they’ll want to still work along with your company.

What You Get Inside Lead Conversion Squared:


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software is meant to assist businesses to increase the number of leads they receive and increase the conversion rates of these ends up to increase their profitability. CRM software can help to streamline your customer database and also the work you set into cultivating your leads. The software can facilitate you automate your communications with potential customers and founded targeted email marketing campaigns to send to different groups of shoppers.

You can also use CRM software to trace the actions of every member of your lead system. Software programs allow users to look at which customers click on links in your email, visit specific pages on your website, or follow-through and place an order.it includes a sales pipeline, automated lead follow up, a powerful tagging system, text messaging follow through and more


Without a Lead Magnet, any customers who visit your website and leave without making a buying deal are just about lost forever. Once you have them join up for your ‘free gift,’ you’re ready to stay in grips with them and hopefully convert them into a paying customer within the future.

A lead magnet could be tool businesses utilize to feature ends up in their system. it’s often a free resource or service that’s offered in exchange for a customer’s contact information. as an example, a lead magnet could also be a pop-up on a web site that gives customers a free newsletter in exchange for signing up with their email address.

Once the customer has signed up for the free resource or service you’re offering, you’ll then have their email address and may add them to your email marketing campaigns. This could facilitate your stay connected with this potential customer and increase the probabilities that they’ll visit your website again and follow-through by making a sale.


Lead conversion squared clients receive a pre-trained virtual assistance to generate more than 1000 leads per day and train them the inefficient way

How Much It Cost?

LCS is set to launch in September month, so more information associated with pricing should be released soon. However, information has been released indicating that the programs are going to be affordable.


  • The program that has not even been officially released, you’ll be able to be among the primary to do it out and profit of what it’s to supply.
  • LCS2 can facilitate your channelize text message follow-ups automatically.
  • The program includes an automatic lead follow-up system.
  • The tagging system can facilitate your group clients and channel more personalized emails and email marketing campaigns.
  • LCS2 focuses on helping and teaching you the way to make relationships together with your clients, which is an important feature of retention and sales
  • LCS Squared was made by very successful business entrepreneurs, Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels.


  • It is user friendly
  • You don’t need lots of technical knowledge
  • The methods and techniques utilized within the program have shown proven success
  • It will increase your sales and conversion rates
  • It included step by step method
  • CRM software  will be provided


  • LCS2 hasn’t been released yet, so there’s still more to be told about the precise features and functions of the program.


LCS founders, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are both successful entrepreneurs who are committed to many legitimate companies.LCS tools can facilitate your truly transform your company, increase your leads, and achieve great financial gains. The version of LCS Squared is meant for larger businesses and may facilitate your enjoy more control over each and each aspect of your company’s operation. Each of the employees will receive their own login for the system. This may help them manage their individual leads, work on creating different groups, write emails for email marketing campaigns, and more. It is an excellent purpose for business owners looking for some easy and simple way to market their business, if you want to become an effective business owner sign up and become an LCS Squared affiliate now.