What is the Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition?

This is essentially an affiliate marketing training program that is completely available online and will teach you all of the details of becoming an affiliate marketer. The course is to help to make affiliate commissions from paid traffic. This course helps you to teach you how to handle the complexities of affiliate marketing.

The course is presented by most successful entrepreneurs and millionaires; Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, and Rob Jones Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition is an n online training program mainly for Affiliate marketing. The courses includes 4 most important ways which are

  1. Earning a high-percentage of commission supported low-ticket digital products. An occasional price ticket digital product could be a lower-priced product positioned to be the “intro” into your suite of products. It’s typically the primary exchange of payment for your customers.
  2. Earning recurring commission supported monthly recurring-products. Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is that the certain recurring revenue attained from subscriptions during a specific month.
  3. Earning high CPA commission from physical and digital products. CPA marketing additionally referred to as value per action promoting, could be a kind of the affiliate promoting model that provides a commission to the affiliate once a selected action is completed.
  4. Earning High Commission from high-ticket offers. A high price ticket digital product could be a higher-priced digital product typically one thing sort of a video course or on-line master class, however, it might even be a package or a hybrid employment program for instance By specializing in the high price ticket product initial, you’ll be able to produce a bigger quantity of revenue during a shorter time and might then invest your time and resources into promoting different product within the product system.

Features Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition and Major Twists:

This program is divided into 8 Modules

  • Modules 1 – Setting up your Facebook Marketing Funnel
  • Modules 2 – Architecting The Perfect Ad
  • Modules 3 – Setting up your Pre-sell Page
  • Modules 4 – Piecing it all together
  • Modules 5 – Split testing, tracking, and Scaling
  • Modules 6 – Ad Accounts & Credit Cards (Your business Assets) and Mindset
  • Modules 7 – Advanced Strategies, Hacks and Tips
  • Modules 8 – More Advanced Strategies

6 major twists included:

  1. Powerful Traffic Sources: Overnight freedom uses some of the foremost powerful sources of traffic sources. They include Google show Network, Facebook Ads likewise as YouTube Ads. Learn everything concerning a number of the foremost ascendable and powerful sources of paid traffic – YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads.
  1. Website Builder Software: if you’re aiming to use this affiliate program, you’ll receive a website builder code. This is often a replacement with-it program that may enable you to make Google, YouTube, and Facebook-compliant sites. If we want to make the next changing YouTube and Facebook compliant web site, this is often attainable given that we have a tendency to undergo this course. Learning this is often very important don’t do paid ads on to a suggestion from the affiliate. Instead, victimization presells pages is that the most suitable choice. Learning these skills offer you the prospect to form high conversion presell pages and funnels. It helps the United States of America to become an excellent affiliate vary. Hence. We have a tendency to get complete freedom for creating changes as per our selection.
  2. Huge Commissions: the creators of this program have already negotiated nice deals with a number of the most effective vendors. They provide higher commissions than the conventional customary rates. Note that in some instances, you’ll get an opportunity of earning over ninetieth in commissions. This course allows you to gain access to negotiated offers with vendors giving higher commissions than usual rates.
  3. Premium Ad Generator: this is often a revolutionary code that writes your ads. With the assistance of advanced code, we will write sensible however beneficiary student’s ads with ease. The AD Generator is predicated on analyzing several best playing ads on YouTube and Facebook and permits the United States of America to realize high changing ad copy designed during a short time. As a result, it makes it easier for you to induce the most effective ads.
  4. Weekly Prizes: throughout the primary twelve months, this affiliate program is going to be subsidization money prizes every week, which might be on the market till next year. The money prizes shall encourage students for taking necessary actions with the program materials. It’s merely a remarkable issue to make sure that you simply take seriously everything concerning the materials found inside this program.
  5. Few sales, high earnings: As a student, you’ve got to form solely four sales in one week to earn 100K profit in a year from this course. This is

Creators of overnight freedom?

Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones are the creators of Overnight Freedom. They are highly experience in internet marketing and self-made millionaires

Rob Jones started his career in 2011; he is an expert digital marketer and entrepreneur. He has created and sold n number of software.

Gerry Cramer is a highly successful affiliate marketer, digital expert, and SEO analyst who started his career in 1999. Presently, he also coaches students to become a leading affiliate in just a few steps.

Mark Ling is a self-made internet millionaire who generated over a hundred million dollar in online sales. Mark reputedly became an internet millionaire at just 21; with over a decade experience he has won countless awards

Benefits of Overnight Freedom program:

  1. Result proven guide
  2. Earn high commission from different sources
  3. Developed by an expert entrepreneurs
  4. You will get interact with the creator through live sessions
  5. It provide support for both beginners and the experience peoples.
  6. Simple, easy and systematic approach to learn the modules
  7. Learn about YouTube and Facebook ads in short period of time
  8. Comes with software for ad generation
  9. 30 days money back guarantee
  10. Numerous bonuses offered
  11. No need of huge budget
  12. No need to sell your own product
  13. You feel more confident

Cons of Overnight Freedom program:

  1. You need an internet connection, as it is available only in digital format
  2. Need to work for efficient leaning
  3. This program is cheap and not everybody will able to afford it.


Bonus 1: Free ticket to live event in San Diego

  • Get a free ticket to our San Diego Live event.
  • Our last event in Bali cost $15,000 to attend.
  • Come to San Diego and learn directly from Gerry, Rob and our Super Affiliate creators.
  • Exact dates to be announced likely in early December, it will be soon after you’ve gone through the complete Overnight Freedom program.
  • The sessions will be recorded and you will get an access if you can’t attend live.

Bonus 2: Weekly live Q&A calls

Get all your questions answered! Every week, we will host live Q&A calls with Gerry, Rob and the creators where you can get all your questions answered as you progress through the Overnight Freedom program to begin making money.

Bonus 2: Mark Ling’s Bonus suite of tools

  • Audience Scout (For Facebook audiences, shows much more than face book’s standard 25 audiences they suggest if using their platform)
  • Video Ad Maker Software (Video editing software that makes it easy to add captions, imports royalty free photos from an api, includes background music options, etc.)
  • Image Ad Maker Software (imports royalty free photos from an api, makes it easy to add captions, has standard ad sizing, easy to insert your own photos)
  • Domain Name Suggestion Tool (makes it easier to find great domains)
  • Commission Kick start (Pro Edition) – Comes with landing pages, easy to install, to promote various affiliate products with article, review, and quiz landers and more.
  • Ad writer Pro – contains templates for a few different types of ads, just fill-in the blanks etc.
  • Clarity Checker Pro (Helps to keep their writing clear, like an advanced version of hemingwayapp)
  • Keyword Research Tool (show keyword suggestions, numbers etc. from google and YouTube)

The Overnight Freedom program does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the results.


In my opinion, Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition program doesn’t look like something that you have tried before. It is designed for those who really wants to learn everything about affiliate marketing and to use it for their benefits of earning money.

In the world of affiliate marketing, this program is a life changing for the students and it comes with its own unique features. The course is highly genuine training program and delivers what it promises.

A lot of affiliate programs pay standard commissions, but with these Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition program, you are jump to earn higher commissions.

It utilizes a cutting-edge technology that will basically do nearly all the demanding tasks for you including creating ads. Also, it come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the results.